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Bubble Munch

Meet Munch!

He’s a loveable, peculiar, fuzzy little monster with two pink horns, and is always on the lookout for adventures.

His best friend Mombo is blue, silly, also fuzzy and has one large eye!

Together, they are partners in mischief.

Munch and Mombo are preparing to tell their stories – with friends, community and a love of art and adventure.

Join us as we work together to tell these story at Audio Galleries.

Munch, Mombo and Friends Muster the Monsters Collect them all

Prepare to Muster the Monsters!!

Munch & Mombo are ready to head out on their adventures… But, in order to enjoy them even more, they want to invite some friends along.

To collect the friends of Munch and Mombo, you’ll need a ‘Muster the Monsters – Ticket’.

In the upcoming weeks, many new friends will be added, all created created by Doug, the founder of Toy Boogers. Some of the friends will be made with input from the Audio Galleries Community.

Start collecting below

Zip the Whimsynaut

Meet Zip the Whimsynaut!

Step aside and make way for the newest addition to the Munch & Mombo universe – Zip, the Whimsynaut!

With an astronaut suit that stands out in any crowd and a unique lightning bolt atop the aerial on his helmet, Zip is far from your ordinary space traveler.

Beyond his striking appearance, Zip plays a pivotal role in our monster tales. Serving as the omniscient narrator, Zip navigates us through the wondrous escapades of Munch, Mombo, and their vibrant group of friends. But he’s not just a voice from the sidelines; Zip embodies the spirit of wonder, magic, and imagination. He’s the bridge between our world and the magical realm of Munch & Mombo, guiding us through their stories with charm and a sprinkle of whimsy.

Collectors, prepare to be enchanted by Zip’s narratives. His voice carries with it the melodies of otherworldly adventures and the echoes of laughter from our beloved monsters. With every tale he recounts, Zip ensures we feel every emotion, experience every twist, and join in on every adventure.

So, as you dive deeper into the stories of Munch & Mombo, let Zip the Whimsynaut be your cosmic guide, illuminating the path with his radiant energy and boundless imagination. Together, we’ll journey through tales of mischief, friendship, and wonders beyond our wildest dreams!


To collect monsters, you need tickets.

The tickets were claimable for holders of our Mintpass, Munch, and Mombo.

Tickets are now available on OpenSea.


Munch is a peculiar fuzzy creature with two pink horns and always on the lookout for adventures.


Mombo is Munch’s best friend and partner in mischief. Always in for a good joke!


Scribble is the sketchy friend of Munch & Mombo. He likes to make all kinds of art!


Paco is happiest when all of the other monsters are dancing to his music


Fuzzle comes complete with boundless energy, colour and creativity. She spreads joy wherever she goes and kindness with whoever she meets.


Unlike other monsters with furry coats or spiky tails, Bubba was made entirely out of shimmery, transparent bubbles!

He wasn’t always visible; in fact, most of the time, he was nowhere to be seen. But when any monster was in a pickle, feeling blue, or simply needed a friend, with a gentle pop, Bubba would appear right beside them. His bubbly presence always brought a sparkle of joy and a ripple of laughter wherever he went.

Bubba’s magical ability to pop up whenever someone needed him made him a beloved figure in the monster community. And while he would disappear as quickly as he came, leaving only a trail of tiny bubbles behind, everyone knew that Bubba was just a wish away. With him around, no monster ever felt truly alone. With Bubba’s help, the monsters learned that sometimes, the best friends are the ones who come into our lives when we least expect but need them the most.

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He lives on a floating mountain on the giant gas planet of Vahpazare.

He is a gentle and caring creature, always ready to lend a helping hand or offer a comforting hug. 

Munch has a natural talent for making people laugh with his goofy antics, slapstick humor, and clever wordplay.

Munch loves to ride his soap bubbles and to surf, but also daydreaming about new adventures is one of his favourite things to do.



Mombo is the best friend of Munch. 

Mombo may come across as a bit silly at times, but he has the wildest plans to execute together with Munch. They embark on adventures, exploring their planet and discovering new things along the way.


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